From the Shadows

From the Shadows


Here in the shadows where I like to hide

Deep in the darkness is where I abide 


I look at my sin and recede even more

I’m shamed and in agony right to my core


I look to the light unworthy and shamed

I hear the gentlest of whispers calling my name 


The sweetest of songs filling my ears

So very sweet, I want to draw near


I see a soft light penetrating my cave 

I reach out attempting to somehow be brave 


As the light draws nearer I’m bathed in its warmth 

I feel like I’m being wrapped in God’s arms


I Rest in Your Arms

Bridge at Old Mill
Photo by Easter Ellen


I Rest in Your Arms


You hold the universe, yet I rest in Your arms

Constantly loved and protected from harm


My eyes are set on You, You keep me from foes

You embrace my heart, You ease all my woes


You calm my spirit with the breath of Your love

You help me with angels sent from above


I delight in Your presence, I bask in Your embrace

I long for the day I will look on Your face


Hold me close my dear Lord, never leave my side

In You will I flourish, with You I long to abide


Spring Feeling

Photo by Easter Ellen


Spring Feeling


I hear the springtime circling round

The songs of the birds, beautiful sound


My son in the back yard playing guitar

The sound of a woodpecker somewhere afar


The golden glow of the sun as it begins to set

The stars aching to show but it’s not their time yet


Green promises poking out from the ground

Soon a rose or a tulip of red to be found


Plans for the summer, where will we go?

Vacation, a cottage, it’s too soon to know


No Loss in You

No Loss in You


Though I know I’m not good enough

You forever hold my hand

You bathe me in your love and grace

Goodness too great to understand


Bring me back to what really matters;

Making Your heart glad

You are the refuge I run to

Your love is the best I’ve had


Amazing love washes over me

I’m moved by Your spirit

I can only stand and worship You

Let all creation hear it

None Like You

Photo by Easter Ellen


None Like You


I sing you praise my precious God, there is none like You

I give you glory my beloved King, all I want is in You


I worship You with all I am, nothing can take Your place

I give myself to You my God, there is nothing like Your grace


Allelluah to You Lord, You are my King and my Maker

I give all I am to You for You are the great peace maker


All power to you Prince of Peace, ruling from Your throne

You stand alone to rule the Heavens as no others have known


I wish to pleaseYou more than all, to bring joy to Your heart

Let each of my days be just with You and never be apart


My Shelter



Based on Psalm 91


When you sit sheltered under the shadow of El Shaddai

You are hidden in the strength of God Most High (TPT Ps91:1)


I can only say of my God that He is my confidence, in Him I trust

I lay my life in His hands, for His ways are always just

He is the hope that embraces me, the Stronghold to shelter me

Ever present and fighting when my foes aim to swelter me


How I love to rest under His wings hidden from my foes

He watches me in all my days He saves me from my woes


He commands His angels to gather around me and guard me

They will lift me up to not let my enemies bombard me


Because I love Him, He protects and keeps me free from harm

I will sit forever sheltered in His loving arms


How Wonderful

How Wonderful


How full of joy to know I’m Yours and know that You are mine

How wonderful to rest in Your arms and know all is fine


How excellent to know You’ve come to wash my sins away

How incredible to know I’ll see Your face before me one fine day


How lovely to receive Your gifts sent from up above

How sensational to sit in Your arms and know that I am loved


How incredible to know my strength lies within Your joy

How remarkable to be Your child, the gifts that You employ


How beautiful to come to You and know You’re always there

How marvellous to know You listen to every single prayer

Spring Poem

Spring Rain

Time again

To wait for flowers bloom

Blue skies

Earth cries

To see the springtime soon

Honey bees

Warm breeze

Sunshine on the cheek

Still dear

Without fear

Sanding by the creek

God’s gift

Winter lifts

His beautiful expression

Perfect reason

Beautiful season

A lasting sweet impression

Longing to Give

Longing to Give


 wait to serve you and bless you

I long to share my heart with you

If only you could feel my desire

You would be renewed with strength, hope and joy


I long to bless you

Open your arms to receive

Hear My voice ever calling

Come see how I cleave to you


I love you

I give you love and all you need

Come my child


All your desire is found in me


What do you worry for?

Don’t you know that you are wholly Mine?

You fret and fear in vain

Follow me and all will be well


I Write This Poem

Photo by Easter Elen


I Write this Poem


I write this poem to honour God for all that He has done

For saving me from the fowler’s net, for all my enemies He has won


I write this poem to give God glory, His majesty divine

I long to praise and worship Him, His salvation now is mine


I write this poem to give God thanks for all His mercy and grace

I long for the day I’ll see Him enthroned and look upon His face


I write this poem with love and awe for all my Lord has given

Most of all He took my sins and now I stand forgiven


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