Feeling Alone

Lord, I feel so Alone

Today I’m going to… 

Look outside and see the morning sky

Remembering that God is good, He’s perfect and He’s nigh

Feeling alone

Feeling Alone

Today is a new day.  Jesus teaches us to live today for today and not to carry the burdens of our past – mistakes, wrongs, regrets. The past is His – just give it to Him. Today is not tomorrow, so there is no need to be anxious and throughout the bible, God urges us to trust Him in faith for all of our days. 

Our Heavenly Father promises us that our future is full of hope in His hands. Embrace His love as He loves you every minute of your existence. Step outside and take a deep breath, let our Father’s love spill over you like the warmth of a warm oil that fills you with peace and joy. Sigh out your worries in thanks to God, knowing that all is in His loving, precious hands.

Rom 8:28  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.


7 thoughts on “Feeling Alone”

    1. 🙂 Lol – honestly, until yesterday, I was determined to continue working on this project, feeling that it was just something that I had to share as God has so blessed me through this trying journey of illness, depression, pain, a child that is a drug addict and many other trials.

      Today, is the first of many entries that I already have written.. I just have to format them into here…

      As for the perfect timing? Well, that is God’s own, of course 😉


          1. I truly believe God gave me chronic pain for a purpose. The one thing I do know is that I am a very strong person, thus I would be able to handle it. The second issue is I really believe that that God believes I will be able to help others with their chronic pain in some way or another. I truly believe this. I have Faith!


          2. I have always had the same thoughts for myself, so, even at this moment, we know that God has brought us together to find encouragement and already His hand is at work!


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