Turn Your Eyes Towards Him


Turn Your Eyes Towards Him

When the sun is clouded by worries and fears
When your eyes are glistening with fresh, warm tears
When the hope that was in you has now disappeared
Then turn your eyes towards Him

When the morrow is hazy, and blurred in your view
When the evening grass is not glittered with dew
When your heart is so heavy it can’t see what’s true
Then turn your eyes towards Him

He silently waits for the morning to break
He stretches His hand to heal your heart’s ache
He waits for your courage – your burdens to take
For your eyes to turn towards Him

So reach out your hand in courage and faith
Know He’s there; He patiently waits
Boldly step out and walk through His gate
And turn your eyes towards Him

11 thoughts on “Turn Your Eyes Towards Him”

    1. How very kind of you! This was the first poem that I ever wrote, so it holds a dear place within my heart.
      Thank you so much for your kindness and support.


    1. Thank you – this is the first time I took writing a poem seriously. I was at work and always could rhyme off a quick little metaphor and a friend challenged me to write a poem… I said (rather arrogantly) that it was no problem. Took a pen in hand and wrote it in five minutes. Having said that.. I know that the Holy Spirit took my hand and wrote it as I put hardly any effort into it.. it was as if the poem was sitting within me just waiting to be written.

      I love how God works and when He has a message, He gets it out even in the most surprising ways.

      thanks and hugs,


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