Dear God, Sometimes I just don’t feel that I am where I should be.. I feel like my whole life has been uprooted.

Today I’m going to…

Smile, as I am a chosen child of the Lord

He loves me as a Father, and my peace is His reward 


Photo by Easter Ellen



So often I have felt like I just could not get things on track; that life had uprooted me from the dreams I had carried with me and thrown me into the darkness. I felt I had been robbed of my dreams and put onto a much harsher path than I had chosen.


The feeling of being uprooted is so difficult to deal with on our own.  This feeling can be from any of life’s tragedies or through our own emotional struggles but Our Heavenly Father comforts us always. He tells us that he loves us despite our iniquities and moreso, He deights in us returning to Him. Do you know that the angels of Heaven rejoice in singing when we turn to God? Our turning to Him allows His love to channel through to us by the Holy Spirit and fills us with the sure knowledge that we are secure as His child.  His plans for us engraved from the beginning of time and His promise of peace and love that are beyond our greatest hopes.


Psalm 16:6 The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.


9 thoughts on “Unrooted”

  1. It took me a long while on those hard roads, to stop running in the wrong direction. I thank Him everyday that He kept running after me, a sheep He called beloved despite my messy state. God bless you.


    1. Thank you so very much for your sharing with me. God is so very good.. even the least of us mean the world to Him. That is just so very comforting to me.
      Blessings abundant,
      PS – sorry this is a late reply – was a crazy weekend!


        1. It was 🙂 It was my birthday the day before Easter and I was treated like a princess. Other than my daughter being quite ill (and today, I have been blessed with her own bug!), the weekend was amazing – thank you.
          I hope that you also had a very blessed weekend.


          1. Lol – thank you.. no need to spend much time praying, it will be done soon enough.. better we pray for those who really need to know God’s love. ❤


  2. These are certainly words I have rolled around in with my tears, but am thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ who never leaves nor forsakes. You are absolutely right, that “Today, I can with God.” Today is everyday.


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