Fragrantly Favoured (2007)

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Easter Ellen


Fragrantly Favoured

A sweet-smelling flower
That sways in the meadow
I know I’m Yours, always-loved one

The sweet rain that bathes me
The rich soil feeds me
Loving touch of the decadent sun

Birds spy me from Heaven
They smile as they pass
Knowing I’m Your prized creation

Butterflies alight on me
Bees quench their thirst from me
Crickets serenade my elation

From one little seed
Placed just so by Your hand
You grew me and molded Your treasure

No matter how busy
No matter how called on
You always smile down in Your pleasure

An exquisite delight
The work of Your glory
So honoured to carry Your beauty

I dance with the breezes
I careen in my worship
Moved by my love, not by duty

Pollen so palatable
Hues rampant with splendour
A gift that I give back to you

You who created me
You who delights in me

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