Why Me?

Photo by Easter Ellen
Photo by Easter Ellen


Lord, Why Me?

Today I’m going to…

Know that You are God and plan my Life

That You are with me in the calm and with me throughout strife

The age-old question. We all ask it. Why me? (.ie; the cheating spouse, the lack of finances, the illness, the hardship, the depression or anxiety, the fear, the circumstances, the struggling that others just don’t seem to get the same amount of, no matter what the struggle is)


This is a hard question to beat ourselves with. Ours is not the answer except to know that He has planned every day of our lives. What others do, is of their own free will and sadly, it affects our lives, in many circumstances. Then we ask. Why? Why did You let that happen?


God gives all of us free will and sometimes that free will hurts others, but God does not interrupt free will. Sometimes it is devastating, sometimes it is circumstantial, such as the loss of a loved one due to illness, or illness of our own and still we ask “why me”?


God loves you. God does not want your suffering and He asks us to trust Him with our struggles and to know that it is for our good and His glory (in seeing us through it) and that we will pass through such things in HIS strength and in our trust in Him.


Deuteronomy 31:8 The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

20 thoughts on “Why Me?”

  1. I’m learning to thank God for the struggles I have, but don’t get me wrong, it took a very long time to even squeak out the words of thank you for them. However, I am realizing that in the midst of all my troubles, I have a beautiful life and one that God blesses certainly more than what I am deserving of.


    1. 🙂 I understand it is hard to say “thank you”, when you are in the midst of struggling. Perhaps just be thankful in all of the other blessings that you say surround you until you are ready to know that even the things we go through can one day be seen in a different light, and perhaps you will be thankful for them too.
      God bless you lots,


  2. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. Sometimes it takes a long time to realise what that reason is. Sometimes we never figure it out. Yes, God has a plan for us all, we just have to learn to trust Him 🙂


  3. You keep inviting me.
    And, I keep coming.
    Will you one day tire of me?
    So, you stop inviting me.

    Why you? Why not you? As you come more and more in line with God the Evil One moves further and further way from you. The Evil One does not like to loose – especially a Spirit known as Easter. So more hard times come against you because you are closer to God. And, our God rejoices in you; empowers you.


    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment. This was to help answer the why me, but I guess it came across more as the question “why me” that I have, indeed asked so many times.
      You are absolutely correct in saying that the evil one does not like to have us draw anyone closer to God,
      Thank you for your words, they truly are a blessing.



  4. I feel a bit sad when people think God is punishing them, or testing them. God is only love. It’s our free will that brings so much heartache and suffering into our life. He can help us through every mess and give us direction to choose better paths, but we have to trust him. That’s where people get off track. They think they are smarter than God. 🙂 That’s our pride, which really does go before our fall.


  5. #Ours is not the answer except to know that He has planned every day of our lives…

    I like the powerful message conveyed thru’ these wonderful lines. I have a request, which you can ignore if you feel not worth wasting your precious time. Before going into that, wish to add a preamble.

    After seeing some of my very close friends, relatives – younger, more responsible than me – passing away over the night due to one reason or the other. The one that affected me very much was a young man in early 30s, eldest son of my close friend, died of heart FAILURE not attack, just like that.

    Only one that has been helping me stay intact and recover under any and all extremely duress conditions that I realized at one stage – I asked to my self the validity of my license – it didn’t take more than a second to know the answer. That was perhaps the greatest moment in my life. I am sure you would not require more explanation for you are far more intelligent and enlightened. Since then, I stopped worrying about tomorrow because HE knows what is there in store for me.

    Now, coming to the point, my request is, if you can write something in tune with, “The Validity Of One’s License”, I feel it will have some impact.



    1. I am honoured that you ask me Suresh! Thank you.
      May I ask… when you say License.. you mean to live, correct? (I don’t want to leave room for misinterpretation).
      Also, I may not be able to write again until Monday evening or Tuesday morning as the weekends are very hectic for me, but I will do this, I promise.


      1. # when you say License.. you mean to live, correct?
        Absolutely you are right.

        I did mention – “you are far more intelligent and enlightened.”

        # as the weekends are very hectic for me, but I will do this,
        Well, this is not something that is time bound. You do it any time you wish. Again, I wish to remind you, please write it only if you feel it would make some sense.



        1. Hey Suresh.. I’m like you.. just a person making it through this big and sometimes overwhelming world. Reality has not always been kind to me, but God has always seen me through it. I am not any more intelligent, nor enlightened, but perhaps time and struggles have allowed me to gleam some wisdom here and there. Having said that, I feel compelled to share the little I have gained.. but it is all through God’s grace.

          In truth, often when I write, it is as if I am not writing myself. I believe God has a message to give and uses all of us in some way or another as conduits. It is my blessing to be able to publish anything that is from God and I am honoured, blessed and thankful if it touches even one heart.
          All of the thanks are to God.. I am His servant and at times a small voice that He uses.
          Bless you lots Suresh,
          Easter 🙂


          1. # I believe God has a message to give and uses all of us in some way or another as conduits

            I normally call it as, “God does honour all our prayers but he sends his blessings and messages thru’ a messenger; recognizing that messenger and the message are left up to us”.

            Bless you too, Ellen. 🙂



          2. # I am smiling and honoured.
            That’s wonderful to hear. Making someone to smile and laugh are much tougher than trading E-mini Futures. 🙂


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