Out of My Cave

Easter Ellen

Picture from www.russianpaintings.net Picture from http://www.russianpaintings.net

Out of My Cave

In the midst of the cave

Haunted and torn

You called me to life

And I was reborn

“Out of the darkness

I called forth the light

Created the universe

And made your world bright

“I hide in the shadows

But they are your home

Working your will

When you think you’re alone

“Embrace me, my child

As I show you my ways

Be not afraid

As I master your days”

With fear and trembling

I reach for His hand

So scared of tomorrow

So alone I stand

Help me dear Father

To run to your arms

Show me Your love

Pour out your charms

Light my path, Light my days

As I stumble and fall

Grasping at faith

It is your name I call

From today’s Daily Post – Reason to Believe

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