To Lose Everything

Easter Ellen

From the Daily Post Prompt Worst Case Scenario

This made me think of something that I go through often, but thank God for there always being an end to it.


Feeding Frenzy

This dry, arid place of desolation

Shattered, I lie broken on the ground

This ruinous place of no salvation

Defeat, hatred and anguish all abound

Like a statue, numb to my surroundings

I sit here void of any normal thought

My head quakes me, relentless in its pounding

I wonder what it is for which I fought

I see their jagged daggers mark their target

Their aim straight and true towards my soul

Each seeking the destruction of my spirit

Dark lusting mouths; I have become their goal

Wielding torment, pursuing my destruction

Each tear of mine a victory that they cheer

They huddle ’round; I’m helpless to defend

I’m swimming in the nightmare of my fear


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