a reason to live,to live a life of deciding what to do with themselves, or who to go to.


My ‘Sambisa’ Tale – Chibok Girl

on May 03, 2014   /   in For the record, The Arts 9:56 am   /   Comments

It was going to be like a normal night

It was going to be a chat with my fellow girls until I give-in to sleep

It was going to be a night with Amina, Fatima and Hauwa

Just a normal night… just after I said my little prayer 

A night when the moon couldn’t whisper to my innocent heart like every other night

A night when my dreams will be engulfed by the darkest night

Have my innocent heart committed a crime to chase that dream?

If achieving my goals through education is forbidden, would an early marriage be acceptable?


If regrets…

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