Untimely Passing

Untimely Passing

Lord.. Why do You take people we love before they’ve lived a full, long life?

Today I’m going to…

Ask You once again why my loved one is now gone

I’ll keep an open heart and look to You to carry on

Photo by Easter Ellen


There is nothing as difficult as losing a loved one before they have a chance to experience a full life and reach an older age. Even when a loved one has aged it is still difficult to get through the grieving. We find ourselves torn by the pain, enraged by the untimeliness, screaming inside with the “WHY??” of it. “Where was God?”, we ask.

We are always told that we will eventually have all of the answers or that “it was God’s will”. “How can it be God’s will?” we ask ourselves. “How could God let this happen?”

I recently saw a program that had interviewed several people that had experienced Near-Death Experiences. These are people who had for a brief few moments actually experienced death. Each of the people described an overwhelming feeling of love that they were consumed and engulfed in. This does not answer “why”, but it gave me tremendous comfort in having recently lost a close friend and knowing that both my grandmother and my father were taken before their own time. Knowing that they are in this wonderful place of God’s love; knowing that they are waiting for me; knowing that although my heart pains and longs for them, that they are waiting for me with love and joy, blesses my heart.

Turn to God in your pain. He is our comforter, our maker, our Father in the most loving and caring way. Pray that He will give you peace beyond understanding. You will find peace in praying with Him and love in speaking with Him.


Revelation 21:4 (NIV)

‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

21 thoughts on “Untimely Passing”

  1. Easter,
    How hard should this old prayer warrior (Gary translates from Spiritual Language into English meaning “Prayer Warrior”) be praying for you? Can you give me a direction knowing that we have an open forum here? Or, would you rather tell me I’m misunderstanding you?


    1. Thank you Gary for your kindness. Prayer is always welcome.. I pray that God’s message can speak through this blog. I long to be able to use the blessings God has given to be able to bless others. Of course, there is always health issues and life distractions. Suffering has lead me to need God more.. which in retrospect, has been such a gift as I’ve drawn closer.

      I hope that answered your question?


  2. I’m sorry for your lost. We all have or will experience the hurt and sadness of losing a love one. It always feels unfair whe they die young. My mother died 21 years ago as of April 30th she died at 64 years old. I feel those 21 years she should of still been with me.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I am sorry for your loss, also. It seems that we never get over our parents being gone. I still watch a movie and think of my dad right away as if to tell him about a quick thought. It is just a quick flash, but it never has left me, that thought that I can just connect.
      May God bless you through your days and treasured memories 🙂


  3. Interesting…that you show new life coming up through the old. An old choir anthem I loved singing as a young choir member (not in the least because of the bass part!) had the lines (about death): “For through it’s portals…we enter into the presence of the Living God…” And then…”Open our eyes…oh loving and compassionate Jesus…that we may behold Thee…” 🙂


  4. Attraverso il dolore incontriamo Cristo Signore che si abbraccia in Amore infinito al nostro piccolo cuore!.
    Che Dio Ti benedica!.


    1. Thank you so much (can’t answer in Italian, but can understand enough to read and hear quite a bit).
      Thank you for your blessing and I pray that you are wonderfully blessed today and always.


  5. Yes, the grief that we feel isn’t for the person who has passed, but for our pain in their absence–they are at rest, but we are obliged to carry on without them. It’s hard.


  6. Hi Ellen,

    ### This does not answer “why”,

    I loved reading your translating, answering the most critical question, “the why”, in your most inimitable, wise and subtle manner.

    God Be With You.



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