Bad Dreams to Good

Easter Ellen

Inspired by a fellow Blogging U 101 participant, Lana that decided to join a writing prompt about dreams and how they affect our reality. I decided to take part in this with her What Dreams are Made Of.

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I took a while to answer this prompt about dreams. I have had good dreams (even a great one lately!) but most of the dreams that I remember are very, very bad and I can remember them from as far back as 4-years-old. These dreams would scare me so much that I would start praying in my dream that everything would be ok, not realizing that they were dreams that I was praying in, just wanting to stay alive.

The reaction on waking is always the same.. Screaming, shortness of breath, frozen, crippling terror, that is completely indescribable and I am incapable of expressing the horror that they have left me feeling…

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