Hurtful People

Hurtful People

Lord.. Why do others have to be so ruthless and unkind?

Today I’m going to…

Look to Your love to give me joy and peace

I’ll know that You are listening and Your love never will cease

Photo by Easter Ellen


Why is it, how is it that people can be so mean? I mean, really, really mean. Words that pierce our hearts. Words and actions that break our spirit. So many times it is from those that we should be closest to. We are left feeling as if an axe had severed us to the core.

Things are said that shouldn’t be said and we all are guilty of having said and done things that have hurt others. There is not one of us free from having hurt someone else.

Years ago, I was speaking with a friend and she was in tears about a friend that had abandoned her. She kept blaming God and asking why He would allow this to happen. Free will is the beauty of our faith, but it is also the freedom to choose to hurt others.

When Jesus walked His final footsteps on the Via Dolo Rosa, He was spit at by those He loved. He was mocked by those that He had taught. He had rocks thrown at Him by those He had dined with. He was killed by those He was praying for on the way to His death.

Pray for this love that would bless your enemies and not even see them as enemies, but those in need of God’s love.


John 19:30 (NIV)

When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

25 thoughts on “Hurtful People”

  1. I love what you said: Pray for this love that would bless your enemies and not even see them as enemies, but those in need of God’s love.
    I think that when we hurt people it is often because we are ourselves hurting. If we were at peace with ourselves we have no need to want to hurt some one else.
    Thanks for the reminder that we have the freedom to choose to hurt others. Or not.


    1. Thank you so much Carol. I agree that the people that hurt the most are usually the ones that hurt people.
      We are told to bless those who hurt us.. and as hard as it was when it was earlier in life, I made up my mind to do so out of duty.
      As time passed, I saw how blessed I became as the bitterness would leave, or the anger I had at someone’s treatment towards me, would just become sorrow for their life.
      It is amazing how God works in our hearts.
      Bless you lots,


      1. It is a courageous act to have sorrow for those who hurt us. I have often thought that it is better to be hurt than to be the one doing the hurting. But that doesn’t mean it is easy.
        I enjoy your authenticity of your posts.


        1. Thank you so very much Carol. It is funny how much this has impacted my life. Today’s daily prompt actually paved my way to write a lot more about this but from a personal view instead of a general one. I had not expected to write more about it however felt compelled to. I realize how much forgiveness has impacted my life. Thank you so very much for your kind compliments, I so very much appreciate it.
          Bless you lots, Easter.💖


    1. So very true.. and I just finished my response to today’s Daily Prompt which ended up leading me to write more on the subject although I had no intentions of doing so. This time, however, it is more from a personal view than an overview.
      I love how God just leads like that 🙂
      Bless you lots,


          1. It is just the “W” dropdown as you hover over it in the top-left corner of your page (always). It will bring you to a listing of the newest posts of all of the people that you follow so you don’t have to check only through email.


  2. This is just what I needed, including Gary’s comment! I know that sometimes my attitude is mean, so I guess I shouldn’t boo-hoo because I was treated badly this past week…thank God for His grace. And tonight He told me, “it’s not that those other people (the ones who hurt me) don’t count–but they don’t count More than you do, to ME”. God bless you Ellen.


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