The Comfort Zone

The Comfort Zone

Lord.. Why do I have such a hard time stepping out of my shell and trying new things. Why do I get so anxious and afraid at even the thought of it?

Today I’m going to…

Ask You for the courage my spirit needs

You are God and Your love eternal is with me in all deeds

Photo by Easter Ellen


Yesterday’s Daily Prompt got me to thinking about how difficult it can be to step out of our safety zone. The stress, anxiety and fear of trying something new, moving on to a new relationship, job, trying a new routine, even can be so very stressful.

There are little changes in life (a new outfit that we are hesitant to wear) and there are big ones (new jobs, changing homes, giving up addictions, losing a loved one). All are stressful on one level or another.

We hear, over and over again, that the first step is the hardest. From experience and being someone that is a little (or a lot) OCD, I can tell you that this is very true. I can spend days, weeks, months and even years before I can face some changes in my life.

The “trick”, so to say, in this is to have Faith in God so that the fist step we take in any new venture is guided by Him and on the path that He has already created for us, before time began. I like to thank God BEFORE I start a new venture, knowing that when a new direction is in His will, it will always go according to His plan for me. The road does not always seem to be easy, but it ends up always adding value to my life and often to those around me.

Take a deep breath, say a prayer of thanks.. and take a baby step out in faith. You are loved, you are cared for, you are protected by the Creator of the universe.

Numbers 10:9 (NIV)

When you go into battle (face the unknown) in your own land against an enemy who is oppressing you, (which can sometimes be fear within ourselves) sound a blast on the trumpets (In other words, praise God!). Then you will be remembered by the Lord your God and rescued from your enemies.

3 thoughts on “The Comfort Zone”

  1. This is so encouraging to me right now. I’m going through changes right now and have been struggling with/ praying through anxiety. This sentence specifically: “You are loved, you are cared for, you are protected by the Creator of the universe.”
    Wow! That is a powerful and true statement. I’ll definitely be reminding myself of this over the next few weeks.


    1. Hi Grace.. I am so very glad God has touched you through this piece. I try to allow God to get His message through to you in this blog (not the main one). I try to pray my way through writing it – so the thanks is to Him alone.
      Bless you much, dear Grace, I pray that His peace will flow through your spirit and that your days are guided by the assurance of your faith Him.


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