Shattered Heart

Shattered Heart

Lord.. I cannot take the pain anymore. Why, when I’ve tried so hard, is my heart so broken?

Today I’m going to…

Give my heart to Your tender, loving hands,

Only You can put the pieces back, as only You can understand 

Photo by Easter Ellen


A broken heart. Sattered, bereft, lying in pieces at the loss of love.

Why must we endure such pain? Why do we have to go through this? It feels like it will never end, as we are so deeply hurt that the feeling is physically painful to us, choking our spirits and bodies.

When we look to God to heal our pain, we must trust that He will. We must believe that He is the loving, tender Father that cares about all of our burdens, all of our woes, all of our grief. He promises us that He will restore us in all that has been robbed of us in life. He promises to heal our hearts and spirits.

Our job is to just believe and keep believing. Know that going through the pain of losing love, whether from a break-up or a death, God; tender and merciful, is holding us in the palm of His hands.

Luke 4:18

The spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has sent me to heal the broken-hearted.

9 thoughts on “Shattered Heart”

  1. It has been helpful for me recently to really focus on the fact that He took ALL of our wounds on Himself at the cross–along with our sin and physical/mental infirmities. When I’m sobbing “it’s not fair!” His voice is affirming: “I know”.


          1. Pretty good, thanks! I went up to the store for groceries–now I’m cooling off in front of the blogs! Brought home 2 kinds of gelato to try–double chocolate and Sicilian pistachio–wish you were here, we could party down! How ’bout you–are you doin’ okay? Or not so?


          2. MMMMMMM Gelato!!!!! MMmmmmmmmmm!!!!
            I have a taste for everything Italian from my sweetheart to the food, to the poetic language.
            I am feeling better today than I have for many days, thank you.. Just a little tired as I went decor shopping wiht my daughter for her room, which is freshly painted and re-furnished. (Gosh she is expensive!!) And I am hugely on a budget, but she is ecstatic.
            So I will finish putting stuff away, put my jammies on, or maybe a bath first… hmmm… then back to the computer!


          3. I’m SO glad you are feeling better too–nice, when we can be on the same page!! I’ll try the gelato and let you know if it’s good–I’m sure it’s American made, so….surely not as good as they have in Italy.


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