Lord, I cannot stand that every time I think I’m getting somewhere, something goes wrong

Today I’m going to:

Look to you, to give my heart some peace

I ask You take over my day, and guide me, as You see

Photo by Easter Ellen


When we are frustrated, it is easy to loose sight of all of the things that God does for us. We get caught up on thinking about what goes wrong and it starts to consume us, taking over our days with frustration.


God has planned your day according to His will, according to His love for you and His unending care as any good father wants to guide His child’s life.


When our day is frustrating, when we feel stumped in our ever move, we must turn to God and remember what He has done for us. Remember the times that He has been there (even when you have not acknowledged it) and helped us through trying situations. His love is boundless, His mercies unending. Thank Him for the times that He is there for you. Thank Him in the moment of frustration, as He will work things out for you. It is His promise to you; that He will be with us in all things and that those things will work for us because we love Him and so that we and others can see His glory.


2 Cor 9:8  And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.


14 thoughts on “Frustrated”

    1. Oh thank you Meredith for reading and commenting. It is so amazing to really know, when we grasp the depth of His love, just how much that means to our todays and our tomorrows.
      Bless you lots,


      1. I used to color my hair, blonde, red, and highlighted at various times. I promised myself at 50 I’d let it grow out. The results suits me to a T.


    1. Thank you so much, dear friend. I hope that you had a lovely weekend. I am going to my sister’s tomorrow and have told her about the beautiful pictures that you take and we are planning at looking at your pictures tomorrow 🙂


      1. I wonder if it’s a girl-thing, that He’s so gentle with us–because I hear guys talk about God hitting them over the head with 2 by 4’s–and HE has NEVER been like that with me, never-ever!


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