HE LIFTS US UP: The Answer to Our Brokenness…

Love the message and the song..


God sees all of our wounds, all of our brokenness, and all of our obstacles. He has seen the destructive attempts against us and patiently waits for us to turn to Him. He knows all and has a plan for salvation for all of us.

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7 thoughts on “HE LIFTS US UP: The Answer to Our Brokenness…”

    1. I’ve been thinking about whether to share a post with you or not, but I think that I will. The positive is that it a part of my story about sexual abuse as a child. It was from a prompt that will be prompted tomorrow that asked “to speak as a child to an adult that is wrong-doing”. Of course I thought of this first.
      My hesitation in sharing it with your site is that having it written it with the voice of the 11-yr-old that has just suddenly remembered what happened when I was four, I write a post about what could have happened had I bumped into him at that age. The ending basically is just an angry child without forgiveness at that time.
      As it is a short story, I left it at that… as the hurt girl remembering a hurtful past.
      Ok – this is taking way too much space… my point is to say that if you think that it is worth sharing despite the unforgiving ending, it is there for you to share. If you feel that it is too harsh, then just leave it.
      I have scheduled it to come out tomorrow morning in my main blog, if you would like to see it.
      Having said aLLLLLL of that….
      God bless you abundantly for the very precious work that you are doing.



      1. Thank you so much Easter for sharing it with me. I pray for healing for you. What you have done through is devastating and should never happen to a child. I reblogged it on The Christian Gazette and will work it onto The Abuse Expose too. Many blessings to you, my sister… Praying for you!


          1. May God pour out His blessings upon you, my sister, with total healing and restoration. It’s all about Him. He lifts us up. He restores… and He uses all that we have been through to help others… I am praying for you!


          2. Thank you beyond words. I have been through so much and yet God has held my hand as I continue healing. May God ness you and the wonderful work that you do. Thank you again. 😇



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