Where to Go from Here

Where to Go from Here

Where do I go from here, God?

Today I can..


Look to the light You’ve set unto my path

And know that Your love will guide my way along the wide road and the lath


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The future can often feel so daunting, whether in the immediate, or in the far future. Which choices to make along the way. From early decisions such as education, friends we make and relationships that we establish to career choices, family decisions and the ways to cope through life’s many struggles, which way to go is always at our best, an educated decision; a hopeful choice; a path chosen from advice and thought.


When we allow God and our faith to lead our choices, the path, although perhaps just as daunting in how it may appear to us, is clear in our Heavenly Father’s eyes. It is one that was laid for us before the beginning of time and one that we can trust as it is the all-knowing, all-seeing God of the universe that has set it for us.


We find that He leads us in our path through prayer, through the courage to step out in faith with Him and in His Holy Word.


Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp for my feet; a lamp on my path.



Lord, I feel so incapable, I wish that I had more confidence in myself.

Today I’m going to…

Look to the Lord to find my confidence in Him

All I do is blessed by Him and not only from within


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Often in life, we wish that we had the confidence to follow our dreams, to follow our passions, to chase after the blessings that God gives us. Yet, we sit stagnant. Wishing.. dreaming, but never acting out to follow that which is in our heart.

By praying about all that we do, God gives us a peace in that which He guides us towards and blesses the work of our hands. We may feel that it is “me against the whole wide world”, when in fact it is the Creator of the universe that is your guide, the one that leads you and blesses you in all that you have done through your faith and prayer.

First steps can often be crippling. Thoughts like “where do I start?” can stop us from even beginning. You must remember, that when God is leading your way, He has the path planned already and will lead you. Yours is to step out in faith, His is to provide and bless the way.

Corinthians 3:4-5 Such confidence we have through Christ before God Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God.

Perfect Father

Perfect Father

Lord, You are the perfect Father

Today I’m going to…

Thank You for being the Father that meets all I need

I never lack for anything, You are the perfect Father indeed


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Some of us have been blessed with a well-functioning family; with a father that is a good provider, protector and teacher of their children, but many times, children are separated from their father due to marriage issues, or even worse, they grow up with an abusive or unloving, uninvolved father. These fathers leave us feeling abandoned, alone, unvalidated and even unworthy of love, for some.

God is often referred to as our Heavenly Father. For those of us who have not had a close relationship with our own father, this may not settle well with us at first. We can see Him as Creator, as omnipotent, and all-knowing, but the intimacy of God being our Father is difficult to grasp without having lived with that in our day-to-day lives.

As we learn to trust God in our walk, He tenderly draws our hearts closer and closer to Him. He does not push the intimacy upon us, yet waits for us to figuratively walk into His open arms. So many times, when life has been difficult for me, I have had a real sense of the loving, tender Father that God truly is.

At times, I have felt as if He has pulled me onto His lap to comfort me and love me through my tears when I’ve felt completely alone. His love blankets over me like the warmth of a soft, fleece blanket on a chilly winter’s night.

Take little steps to learn to see God as your Heavenly Father. Allow Him into your heart in this very intimate way and see the benefits and feel His love tangibly run through and over you. He will never let you down.

Matthew 7:11 If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!

Looked Over

Looked Over

Lord, sometimes i feel that I am always looked over

Today, I’m going to:


To better understand your plan

That I will will not pity myself as You hold me in Your hand


How many times in life do you feel as you if you’ve bee looked over, that people see you just as another dandelion in a field of thousands?

Photo by Easter Ellen
Photo by Easter Ellen

Sometimes we feel hurt when someone else got picked for the job, as if someone else is always chosen because they have more charisma. We hurt when we are in a room of people and nobody notices.


It is sometimes difficult to see these things as anything other than they are; a looming hurt that just won’t go away as we continue to feel like the one not noticed.


Yet, where is our faith? How do we even begin to look at ourselves an our lives’ plan? Where is God in this and why does He not intervene?


Faith is a tricky thing at first and the more that we discipline ourselves to trusting Our loving Creator, the more that we can draw from the relationship that we are building with Him.


It is like this: when you meet a new friend, you automatically don’t trust this person with much, but as you get to know them more, you see the kindness in their heart, how much you enjoy their company and slowly allow them into your lives; hearts that become vulnerable, allowing the trust to grow.


So it is with God. When we newly begin a relationship with Him, trust is not our first instinct. In time we begin trusting Him, we don’t even know what faith is (except the definition in the dictionary).  That itself is the essence of faith, to jump from the unknown to set our hope on something unseen.


This trust and faith is pivotal in understanding the beauty of God’s love and who we are; who He created us to be. if the creator of all of Heaven and earth loves you with the unconditional and unending love that He has with you,



Matt 17:20          If you have faith so small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.


Found at : http://www.aquinasandmore.com/catholic-gifts/gold-plated-chalice/sku/10708
Found at : http://www.aquinasandmore.com/catholic-gifts/gold-plated-chalice/sku/10708


I want to share a memory of a time I had with the Lord. It was the day after Valentine’s Day, I believe. Valentine’s Day had been especially hard on me that year. Not because this was my first year without my husband, but because I stood alone with my children on that day while around me, families went to the front of the church up to the altar for a family a blessing. 

My kids were everywhere but with me and I honestly just did not want to proceed, but I felt God prompting me to go for the family blessing that all families were receiving with their children, parents and grandparents. I found it so difficult.. I was torn in shame and failure at having finally given up the fight to save my marriage.  

As I walked up alone, I was fighting tears and my heart felt defeated and isolated; abandoned. I was given some love, understanding and a blessing from my pastors. But I longed for the day when my family would stand whole with me. Healed. Whole. Loving God by choice. Choosing to be together. To this day, I am choking back tears at the thought of that. It seems so far and so unreachable. Yet I hang on to a well-worn thread of hope. A thread that is frayed and bares too much weight for it’s thin countenance to carry. Yet I cling to it.

The next evening, I visited the church for our ladies’ ministry evening. Always a favourite time of the week for me to attend. The hoopah was still standing in the church (a traditional Hebrew tent that was sometimes used for weddings – otherwise known as the tent of covenants). I felt drawn towards this special place as if God was personally calling me to come and sit with Him underneath this covenant tent. As I stared at it with the bruise of the previous day’s events on my heart. I did not want to go. As much as I did not want to approach it and enter the day before, even more so did I not want to enter that day. 

I stared and walked around the sanctuary while praising God, my heart so in love with Him even though I was avoiding the place that I knew He wanted me to be. The sanctuary was filled with sweet praises as we all lost ourselves in the sweetness of loving our dear Father’s presence. I felt Him around me beckoning me and drawing me to the place I had hurt in so much the day before. 

Reluctantly and like a petulant child I went to my Father. Even as I approached, the tears were welling. I was full of self pity, full of hurt, full of the feelings that I usually buried but that were way too close to the service for my emotional comfort. I was tired of the isolation. Tired of the loneliness. Tired of the ever-present battles in my life that I fought alone. No support. No friends. No parent to reach out to. No miracle in my life to help me through the little things. No miracles in my life to help me through the big things. And yet I always had a sense of God’s presence and love. I just wanted a break. I just needed some love. Desperate for either, for both, for anything to remind me that I was precious, valued, here for a reason.

The hoopah was against the window wall and I crawled to it and laid down in the corner, just asking God to comfort my soul as I praised Him the best that I could. Still the waves of abandonment and rejection, hopelessness and despair were washing over me. Yet I sat there in obedience.

I started to feel safer there; that I did not have to feel what I felt the day before and it brought me peace. I felt a warmth – His warmth there with me and I relaxed. I started to feel the breeze of His spirit surrounding me and I smiled. Awestruck by His faithfulness; awestruck by His love for me, as insignificant and worthless as I felt, He was making sure that I knew that He loved me. Humbled by my own lack of faith and His grace, I sat in amazement. I praised Him in joy, feeling His arms surround me. I laid there for a while in a sleepy joy and started to drift away, but He had other plans for me.

In my spirit I saw an angel standing right before me. We were in another place. I was lying in the same position that I had been on, yet I was now on a bed in a cluttered room and this exquisite angel was before me with wings and garments of gold. I had never imagined garments of gold on an angel and that, coupled with His excessive size, was a surprise to me. He was friendly enough but silent. He stood before me and there was an overwhelming sense of purpose about him. I looked at him wondering at the whole situation and started to thank God for sending him to bless me with the gift of seeing him. I was caught up in this moment of worshiping God and an overwhelming sense of warmth came over me.. like I was suddenly in a toasty warm place. He was pouring oil out of a small clay vial over me and smiling. I was truly overwhelmed! I was so grateful as this feeling brimmed up within me.. filling me to overflowing. The joy was overwhelming as my heart filled with such peace, joy, thankfulness and sense of incredible love from my Father. I basked in it, letting it fill me. Letting it spill over me. Every inch of my being saturated in this feeling. I thanked God. I thanked the angel for serving God and for serving me from God’s ordinance. I praised. I worshiped. I loved Him.

The angel drew closer to me and put his hands in front of his face as if to drink water from them and he started to blow from his hands to have his breath fall over me. This part is difficult to describe, but all I can say is that there was a sweet, shimmering, brilliant dust that came from his hands and sprinkled over me covering me in my resting place. Truly I was in awe and to this day, I do not know the significance of that beautiful powder landing all over me. It covered me until I was glowing from head to toe. The joy within me was immeasurable. I was beside myself and captivated by my joy and thankfulness. I felt my sense of undeserved grace but knew that I was so in need of this blessing that I just sat and received. One of the most beautiful moments of my life, to say the least.

The angel stood before me but walked a bit away from me through a doorway, inviting me to come with him. I followed him and saw him then preparing a table. He laid out the plates, the forks and the knives. It was a very simple and almost rough-looking wooden table as you would expect to see in a simple cottage in the woods. He set every chair just so. Every plate just so. All in its place to his meticulous satisfaction.

He pulled a chair out in invitation for me to sit at the table. There was no one else there, but some started to appear in garments of the ancient days. I had a feeling that I was sitting with some of the people of the bible that I had come to love so much over the years, yet we did not speak. There was a sense to me that I was waiting for something. And then the words “His banner over me is love”. My anticipation heightened and I heard murmuring. building and building. Now like a rumbling. Like the approaching of many horses, it built and built and then I heard it. A whisper, but clear as day, the anticipation covering me with chill bumps as I heard them say “the bridegroom is coming, the bridegroom is coming… the bridegroom is coming!!!”

And then it was gone. I sat in awe. I am awed to this day when I think of it.

Easter Ellen

I just wanted to share a memory of a time I had with the Lord. It was the day after Valentine’s Day, I believe. Valentine’s Day had been especially hard on me that year. Not because I was not in love, but because I stood alone with my children on that day while around me, families went to the front of the church under the hoopah for a blessing. My kids were everywhere but with me and I honestly just did not want to proceed, but I felt God prompting me to go for the family blessing that all families were receiving with their families as I walked up alone. Yes, I was fighting tears and yes, my heart felt defeated and isolated; abandoned. I was given some love, understanding and a blessing from my pastors. But I longed for the day when my family would stand whole with me…

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Just because I’ve lost…, doesn’t mean I’ve lost

From “Be Inspired” a fantastic article on healing and God’s power within us to help us do so.

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Image When was the last time you felt empowered? No, I don’t mean at some “Yes, I Can” rally or while you were at the gym burning calories and such like.  I’m referring to feeling empowered while going through a divorce or after you’ve lost your job, or even while grieving the suicidal death of a child/loved one. Often in life, we are faced with different/difficult circumstances. With every up and every down, our choices can either move us forward or cause us to become stagnant, which ultimately leads to our demise (emotionally, mentally, etc).  Hay and Kessler are impressing upon us the notion of moving forward and how that can be done in a healthy way, in their collaborative work – “You Can Heal Your Heart.”

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Empowerment is a strong undercurrent of this work that…

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