12 thoughts on “What You Believe…”

  1. Oh my.
    I watched him so many times, and every time I cried like a little baby.
    This man is amazing. Such a power of will and enormous will to live a life to its fullest, despite everything!

    Joyful, entertaining, a man with the most magnificent soul!

    Beautiful video, worth watching every time you feel insecure, down, lost, unworthy, without the sense of yourself, or when your self esteem is somewhere below zero. 🙂

    A hero, overcoming all the obstacles! Just love him!

    Thanks for posting it! 😀


    1. I am so happy that you enjoyed it. I have heard him before on other programs and he is truly an inspiration. Faith and God’s love = powerful ability. Bless him.

      May you also be richly blessed in your faith and love.



    1. Oh Dear Michelle Marie.. I am still not at all myself. I am so weak and sleeping 13 – 15 hours per day. If I exert myself, I cause problems. 😦 So forced rest (that I have to have whether I choose it or not) is my only answer.
      Thank you for your love and care. I want to cheeck in every night but end up just falling asleep.


      1. Well here’s all I know you must sleep to heal! I pray you have really awesome dreams like rainbows, clouds, glitter, ice cream, diamonds, silver and gold! Ya!!love you!💗💗


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