Recesses in my Mind

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Today I can peel myself out of this bedroom

I will put on some shoes and walk outside

Today I will not fear that every moment could be my last

Today I go to my Lord with arms open wide

I’ve been fighting depression (again) letting myself wander down to the deepest little little recess in my mind.These are the places that are only available on my very dark days and I need to climb out but my strengths wain. I even don’t feel ready to come out of this yet because then I have to face the whole load of crap that has been building up around me waiting for me to face. I’m just not quite there yet and numb for just a while longer gives me a mental vacation that I otherwise I would have struggled more without.

I know that when I am ready, the Heavenly arms of my Father await me bidding me near to carry my burdens and to say that all is well, I need only trust in Him.

So without further ado, I will put this aside and pray that I Have the mental and spiritual capacity to take up God’s offer sooner than later.

Be blessed and walk in jOy.




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