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Spring Feeling

Photo by Easter Ellen


Spring Feeling


I hear the springtime circling round

The songs of the birds, beautiful sound


My son in the back yard playing guitar

The sound of a woodpecker somewhere afar


The golden glow of the sun as it begins to set

The stars aching to show but it’s not their time yet


Green promises poking out from the ground

Soon a rose or a tulip of red to be found


Plans for the summer, where will we go?

Vacation, a cottage, it’s too soon to know


Spring Poem

Spring Rain

Time again

To wait for flowers bloom

Blue skies

Earth cries

To see the springtime soon

Honey bees

Warm breeze

Sunshine on the cheek

Still dear

Without fear

Sanding by the creek

God’s gift

Winter lifts

His beautiful expression

Perfect reason

Beautiful season

A lasting sweet impression