Lord.. I feel like I’ve been robbed, cheated and taken advantage of. Why is it, when I try so hard, I end up feeling cheated?

Today I’m going to…

Pray Oh Lord that you show me Your truth

You will open up my eyes to bring love I can only find in You

My little Blakey
My little Blakey


So many times, life has left me and many of us feeling as if we’ve been cheated of what we deserve. Or worse, gotten all the bad that we didn’t deserve. Our dreams for our lives don’t work out and we question God.

Many times, it comes down to free will. A string of choices of others’ and your own that add up to something that leaves you feeling as if you should have been better off by now. That you should be in a better place in life.

Humanity, sadly, is inherently evil from the time of the first sin. We are however, at the same time, inherently good through the voice of God within us. When we, or others make bad choices, even evil choices, the effects of those choices ring sadly through time. The effect ripples out touching you, then touching everyone you touch and so on. Free will can be used for good or bad, and sometimes someone else’s free will in bad choices can leave us completely defeated.

When we look at feeling cheated, we are measuring what we feel has been taken to us according to what the world sees. We want success in our career, a comfortable life, a happy partnership, love, family, health, etc. When God looks at us, he looks at our hearts; where have we given love, where have we touched a life, where have we made even a small difference in someone else’s life?

These are the things that cannot be taken from us. These are the things that are eternal and ours. We cannot be robbed of our faith, we cannot be robbed of God’s love, we cannot be robbed of God’s tenderness towards us, we cannot be robbed of the power of prayer, we cannot be robbed of giving love where we can.

So I suggest, when you are feeling cheated, that you give. A smile, a donation, a kind word, a thoughtful deed, a prayer lifted for someone. You will start to feel the change in your outlook.

John 14:27

Peace I leave you, peace I give, not as the world knows peace. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither be afraid.

12 thoughts on “Cheated”

  1. That is a great message–to respond to feeling cheated, by giving. I know that when I’m giving, it probably blesses me more than the other person. When I get hurt, disappointed, feel “used”–I say, “that’s it–I’m not doing it anymore”….but soon I’m back to giving again, because for all my lack, somewhere deep inside I have a Jesus heart that loves to give. And for that I am Very thankful to HIM. God bless you today, sister.


        1. It was amazing, thank you (other than a little stone causing me a lot of pain since yesterday). I am tired now after a long day, but will try to write about it tomorrow. I am praying that you are ok. I hope that the weekend was good for you.


          1. E, I SO appreciate your prayers–please know that they are made on your behalf as well. My living situation is an ongoing daily battle (neighbors)–I’m so exhausted, and bounce from feeling stressed/depressed to grateful God is holding my head above the water line. That He continues to give me poetry to write, and motivation to work on my novel, is a HUGE blessing–and quite remarkable, I think. He is Faithful–and I refuse to wallow!


  2. Oh I found you! I love this! I’m following you! Cheated, I’ve been cheated out of a lot of things but this one thing I know, Jesus! Sometimes it’s the only word I can bring myself to say and what an awesome trip this life has been! I started my love walk on 2000 but I have been saved since the age of 7. I guess having my baby girl chronically ill at the age of 2 for me to want a God with some skin on him in my life! I knew there was something about you. I woke up this morning and thought of you and I prayed for you and I had no idea! But God did!
    Isn’t that the coolest thing, but God did? I say that a lot! This is wonderful you blog! It seems I don’t get out enough even when I blog! I’ve had to put up some pretty strong boundaries to be blogging and I’m so very thankful JM and B knew you and now I do too! I was telling JM earlier I have no idea what God is doing but I’m sooooooo excited! Yay! 😄


    1. Awwww… thank you so much! This is one of my three active blogs.. I focus here on posts that are to do with overcoming depression. Having walked a long journey out of it, I felt compelled to write this blog.

      Thank you so very much for sharing your story with me. I love to hear about how God changes life!!

      Thank you for your cherished compliments. I am so happy to have met you three.

      Have such a wonderful weekend and bless you lots and lots and lots,


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